VeloCall Bundle – Fair Use Policy

Calls to land lines and mobiles to specified countries included in your VeloCall Bundle is subject to a fair usage limit of 5,000 minutes per month per VeloCall Bundle purchased. The maximum duration for a call using a VeloCall Bundle is 12 hours. The minutes included in the VeloCall Bundle do not roll over from month to month and will be lost if not used within that month. Once the minutes included in your VeloCall Bundle have been used any additional calls made through the Velox platform will be charged and billed at Velox’s standard calling rates and billing intervals as displayed on our web site at

The VeloCall Bundle are limited to standard land lines and/or mobiles and do not include nonstandard numbers such as premium numbers. Countries included in the VeloCall Bundle can be found here.

VeloCall Bundle is intended for everyday business calling and not for mass marketing calls with call durations of less than 6 seconds. Velox may monitor for mass short duration calls and reserves the right to revoke the use of VeloCall Bundle with immediate effect if Velox suspects that VeloCall Bundle is being used in this manner.

Velox reserves the right to change this fair usage policy at any time. Changes shall become effective when published on the Velox website. Your continued use of VeloCall Bundles after publication of the revised version shall constitute your acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions of the revised fair usage policy.